Thursday, April 10, 2014

Outside Reading Book Review

Outside Reading Book Review
Ryan Mooney
G Block
The Big Field By Mike Lupica
Baseball_diamond_marines.jpgIn My book, The Big Field which was written by Mike Lupica the main character was a die hard for baseball. Hutch, the main character, Has been playing baseball for years now. He is about fifteen years young. Hutch usually plays shortstop but hes trying out for a new team and they already have one named daryl and is projected to go pro. Hutch didn't think he would have chance in beating daryl for the position so he tried out for 2nd base. Hutch successfully made the team and got a new starting position at second base. Hutches father played baseball when he was a kid and wanted to play professional baseball but one day he finally realized he was never going to be good enough to play professional ball. In that case a gave up on baseball and never wanted a thing to do with it. The problem is all hutch ever wanted was to have his dad support him and go to all his games which he never did. Later on in the book, Hutches team ended up winning the championship. After hutch told his dad, who never wanted to talk about baseball again, His dad was very proud of his son and started falling back in love with baseball. That changed both hutches and his dads life. That brought hutch and his dad back to being close and loving the sport of baseball as hutches dad used too.

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