Thursday, April 10, 2014

Outside Reading Book Review

Outside Reading Book Review
Ryan Mooney
G Block
The Big Field By Mike Lupica
Baseball_diamond_marines.jpgIn My book, The Big Field which was written by Mike Lupica the main character was a die hard for baseball. Hutch, the main character, Has been playing baseball for years now. He is about fifteen years young. Hutch usually plays shortstop but hes trying out for a new team and they already have one named daryl and is projected to go pro. Hutch didn't think he would have chance in beating daryl for the position so he tried out for 2nd base. Hutch successfully made the team and got a new starting position at second base. Hutches father played baseball when he was a kid and wanted to play professional baseball but one day he finally realized he was never going to be good enough to play professional ball. In that case a gave up on baseball and never wanted a thing to do with it. The problem is all hutch ever wanted was to have his dad support him and go to all his games which he never did. Later on in the book, Hutches team ended up winning the championship. After hutch told his dad, who never wanted to talk about baseball again, His dad was very proud of his son and started falling back in love with baseball. That changed both hutches and his dads life. That brought hutch and his dad back to being close and loving the sport of baseball as hutches dad used too.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

short story

 Little Boy and His Nightmare

“Hey zack, may i talk to you?”
His teacher said. He walks over to the teachers desk dragging his head and arms. “yes Ms. Bogger?”
He slowly says.
“ Are you alright? lately you haven't been yourself. Everything at home good? i mean look at you, you got bruises all over.”
She questioned him. He hesitates to respond. Soon after he replies with
“ ye...yes. Everythings fine Ms.Bogger. My bruises are from football.”
He tries not making eye contact by looking out the window.
“ okay, you can sit down now.”
She responded softly. Zack is 11 years old and doesn't play a sport. He is a quiet kid that gets good grades. He always sits in the back of the room and never raises his hand in class. Also he doesn't really have any friends. He loves the outside and probably can outsmart anyone in the forest. He knows every little thing about the woods behind his house. The woods are about 6 miles long. The final bell rings as everyone piles out of school as Zack slowly watches and walks behind everyone. His dad is supposed to pick him up this afternoon. He usually parks by the playground. Zack spots his dads car near the back of the playground and starts to run over to the car. His dad was tightly parked between two cars. Zack runs and swings open the front door and
The door whacks the side of the car next to them. Zack's dad jumps out of the car while screaming
“ Zack what was that?”
Zack stands there and just points at the damage done to his dads car.
“what the heck are you doing kid.”
his dad says while picking him up and tossing him into the front seat after smacking him across the face.
“ Your lucky no one saw this incident Zack.”
His dad crabs while flying out of the school parking lot.
“Get out of the car you stupid kid and go up to your room immediately.”
He runs jumps out of the car crying and runs into the house and right up stairs to his room. He jumps onto his bed face down and just lays there. A few hours later he is awoken by his mom.
“ Are you okay Zack?”
his mom asked.
“ ye...Yes im fine.”
he replys still laying face down into his bed.
“Then.. why did you come up here right after school? you never do that.”
She keeps asking questions.  
He screams unexpectedly while smacking his hands against the surface of his bed. His mom walks out of the room and closes the door. In the next hour zack gets up and goes down stairs. Climbing all over the counters he searches the cabinets for something to eat.
“Zack, what are you doing! Get down from there right now.”
His dad yells.
“Im just looking for something to eat dad. I'm hungry.”
Zack says with a frown on his face.
“I dont care. We are eating dinner soon. Now go amuse yourself and  I dont want to see or hear you till then. Got me?”
His dad would just beat on him. He would never stop yelling at Zack. Everything Zack did wrong his dad would punish him in a very wrong way. Zack makes his way down stairs. His mom left to go to work at 4 o clock. She works the night shift at the most popular restaurant in town. Zack turned on the tv in his play room in the basement and sat on on his futon. He flips through the channels to try to find his favorite show, Mouse in the house. Zack waits and waits for his dad to tell him to come up for dinner. Its been about 2 and a half hours. Its now about 8 O’ Clock at night.  Before he knows it the door opens at the top of the stairs
“Lets go Dinners ready.”
His dad says with an irritant tone to it. Zack jumps  and runs up the stairs and reopens the door.
“ whats for dinner dad?”
Zack ask politely.
“Meat loaf with beans.”
His dad replies with a disgust look on his face.
“ Ew, i dont want this.”
Zack says while turn immediately around. Before he can get to the top of the stairs he is grabbed from the collar and placed in a seat at the dinner table.
“your eating this. You have no choice.”
Zack sits there with his arms crossed.
“ do you want me force it down your throat you little kid. i will, now get eating. NOW!”   

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pearl value essay

Pearl Value Essay

Orange sunset wallpaper
    I have many valuable things and priceless things i have or see. My most valuable item of mine is probably my phone. The priceless moment would probably be the sun setting at the beach. Those are my two things i'm going to write about in my essay.
    My phone is by far one of my most valuable items i have purchased or have received in my life. My phone is valuable to me because i never had a phone like this before. I always had a little flip phone with a keyboard. I just got my new phone  maybe 1 month to 2 months ago. Also my phone goes everywhere with me. Where ever i am my phone is with me. i never let anyone hold my phone either. I'm so protected over it. If i ever lost or broke it i would be so lost. That is My valuable item and why it is.
    My priceless moment would probably the sunset at the beach i go to in the summer. I wish i could live to see it everyday. Just waking up or falling asleep to the sun setting or rising with the mixture of colors scattered in the sky to make a outstanding dreamscape.  Every year i go to Cape Cod for a mini family vacation. Our place we stay in is walking distance from the beach. Usually at least once we all walk to the beach at night to sit and watch the sun set. Most of the time the sky is red, orange, and yellow. It just looks outstanding. That is my priceless moment for many reasons.

My valuable item and my priceless moment have many things about them that i can compare with similarity and difference. First i will explain the similarities between my item and priceless moment. My phone and the dreamscape sunset in the cape dont really have much in common. One thing that is in common is i see them both. Even though i only see the sunset once a year it still counts.  As i see my phone everyday. Also they both can be remembered forever.  My phone can be remembered as my first smartphone and the sunset can be remembered as the best thing in cape cod.
    Now here are some differences between them both. One is that i can't use the sunset to call or text people as i can use my phone to. Well, obviously i use my phone to call or text. Second, The sunset doesnt mean as much to me as my phone does. If the sunset got lost i would really care. Its just a bonus at the beach. As in if i lost my phone i would cry forever because i would get a new one unless i bought one with my own money. Also if my phone and  the sun set were both separate pictures on a wall i would most likely comment on the  picture of the sunset then a picture of a phone. The picture of the sunset is so much more engaging than just a phone laying on a table. If i was a tourist or something viewing a museum  i would want to see pictures of phones over a beautiful sunset. Lastly, My phone is more valuable to me then the sunset at a beach in cape cod i only see once a year. Id rather have my phone then seeing a sunset once a year.
 My essay was about my most valuable item to me 

and a priceless moment. I compared both and 

explained which one is more valuable to me

 than the others and showed the differences and

the similarities between my phone and the sun set at the beach in cape cod i 

go to for a week a year.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Speak final assessment

Speak Final Assessment


            1.) Last year i had a huge project coming up in school. When he explained the project i was thinking to myself “ hell no i am not doing this.”  but there was also a part that was saying you should do this you need the grade for the quarter. Because he said if you dont do this project you would be failing or close to failing.  I got home and told my parents all about the project and that i wasnt doing it because it was to hard and long. They kept telling me i had to do it. i already had a bad grade in that class to. so i would really be failing if i didnt.  By the time my parents stopped talking i was really thinking about this project and the grade i had. i Ended up doing the project and getting a decent grade on it too. That is a time when i changed my mind because of peer pressure from my parents.  I felt good going against my inner voice. If i listened to my inner voice i would have failed that quarter horribly. Good thing i got the pressure from my parents.

           2.) This year, in a football game i almost got in a fight with another kid. This was during a freshman game. A game with all the freshman, obviously. But  i was playing defense at this moment. It was almost the end of the third quarter. The other team need a first down or it would be a turnover.  The play starts and the running back gets the toss out side to my side. i chop my feet and look at him. He is looking for the first down marker. I already know where is he gets closer and i get more speed towards him and BOOM. I hit him so hard.  He gets up and starts talking trash. My inner voice is telling me not to say anything back.  “Remember last time? what happened? flag right?” That kept running through my head and it kept telling me. i finally chose just to walk back to the huddle and tackle him again even harder.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Outside Reading Book Review

Unwind Book Review

1st quarter outside reading book review

Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Simon & Schuster books, 2009.       Genre: Fiction

    In my book i read the story line was based on three characters, Connor, Risa, and Lev. Conor is seventeen years old and is known to be a troublemaker. Risa is sixteen is a really talented girl. and the youngest is lev.  He is only thirteen years old. All three of these teens are about to be unwound. They are called tithes.  That means they will  get killed and  will donate their body parts to people who need them. Their challenge is to stay not found and  to survive. Your parents can only choose you to be unwound when your between the ages 13-18. Once you turn 18  you are free from being unwound.  All three teens eventually find out  the secret that they are  going to be unwound. So they create a plan to escape. eventually Risa and Connor got separated from lev. All the  tithes go to a graveyard to hide. eventually Connor and risa find this graveyard but then get captured by the police. They are brought to a camp that they have to find a way to escape and survive.

Quote:  "The shocking premise is unveiled immediately, and a nail-biting pace is sustained throughout, with the teens flung headlong into a true life-or-death struggle...these haunting debates will likely linger in the reader's mind even after the riveting plot ideal blend of philosophy and action set in a compelling futuristic landscape."--"The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books" -Amazon

    I haven't read any other  books from Neal Shusterman but just reading this book i n tell i  would like another book from him. He uses outstanding describing words. He makes the scene so you feel  the intensity around the character. He makes you feel like you are the main character in the scenario he/shes in.

Quote from the book: “ Connor heart sinks. josias aldridge has apparently pulled another sleight of hand” (page 15).

    I liked many things about this book and author's writing style. The story was outstanding! im the person that gets bored with most every book but with this book, the unwind, I couldn't stop reading it. i could read this book over and over and never get bored. The book was action packed. The action was all over the place. Maybe 1 or 2  chapters of the book were a little slow but thats it.  I enjoyed the amount of action in this novel.

Rate: Out of 5 paws i would choose a 4. -Pounce on it

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Speak Reflective Reading Quiz

Speak Reflective Reading Quiz

  • Lonely
  • Shy
  • Secretive
  • AntiSocial
  • Self conscious

2) I chose lonely because in school she walks around by herself everyday. She doesn't have anyone to say hi to or anything. i also chose shy because she doesn't talk to anyone. Shes not really brave enough too. Like in the art room when she got called on she wouldn't really talk. She would reply with one word answer. Secretive is also a good characteristic of her because she is holding the biggest secret. She got raped and isn't telling anyone about it. Shes antisocial too. She doesn't talk to anyone. she tries not to either. She tries to talk as less as she can. Lastly Self conscious. Melinda worries about everything she does. She Doesn't want anyone to notice her.

3) I think Antisocial is the best word that describes melinda this far into the book. She is doing everything by herself and not with no friends or anything.

4) One part in the book thats explains this is the best word is when shes in her art class and gets called on and she only replys with one word answers. She gets called up too draw a tree and doesn't even say anything. she just gets up to the board and draws and terrible one.
Also when she is at lunch and is walking to sit down to an empty table. She sits alone at lunch. She does not bother to sit with anyone because she's too shy.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The New boxer

An early morning at the Donatellis gym is a wide awakening. Every boxer training besides Alfred and pony boy. They’re both sitting in front of Mr. Donatellis office waiting for him to be done with his first session this morning. Alfred and Pony boy been just chilling around talking about who they think is the best in the gym. Pony boy looks at Alfred. “How much longer are we going to wait for? you said this would be quick.” Right after pony asked. You know who walks around the corner, Donatelli of course. “ Hey boys what are you guys doing here?” Donatelli questions. “ Hello Mr. Donatelli my name is Alfred. I live right around the corner and over here is my friend pony boy. We are both 16 years of age”  Alfred replies. “We were wondering if we could join your gym and maybe you can teach us how to box?” Mr. Donatelli smiles. “ of course you can! its hard work though. are you guys in for it? it takes a lot of time and effort.” Alfred looks over to pony boy. “ up to you pony!” Alfred said. “ in that case its a yes Mr. donatelli.  we will.” pony reacts with happiness. “ Be here tomorrow morning  for 5 am sharp. Later than that and you won't be getting taught anything. see you guys tomorrow.” Alfred and pony both get up and shake Mr. Donatellis hand.  “ See you tomorrow Mr. Donatelli.” they both scream. Now they are on their way home which is right around the corner. Pony boy lives across from Alfred in a three house apartment complex.  "Goodnight pony" Alfred said with a tired voice while Pony boy jogged across the street to his house.

2 Months later…

“Alfred! Wake up!” Alfred mother yells. “ You have your first fight today. You really need to get up.” She repeats. “Okay” Alfred groans. Alfred hops out of bed and gets a new pair of cloths on. “What time do you have to be to the gym?” Alfred moms asks. “ 9 o’ clock tonight” Alfred answers.  Alfred looks at the clock and its 6 o'clock already. Alfred finishes putting his clothes on and walks over to pony boys house. Alfred knocks on his front door. No one answers after a few minutes. Alfred knocks again. A few seconds after the door opens. “ Hi Alfred” said Pony's mom. “ hello, is pony here?” Alfred asked. “ No, He said he went down to the park behind the corner store.” Replies Pony's mom. “ Okay thanks.” Alfred questions. Why isn't he home? why is here out roaming the streets before his fight in a few hours? He has a fight in a few hours. Alfred turns around and starts to run towards the park. He gets to the corner store right in front of the park. He hears kids yelling. Alfred stops and listens. A few seconds later he see a group of kids run across the street coming from the park. The yelling stop once they left. Alfred runs over to the park entrance and looks over into the far corner. He sees a kid laying on the ground. Alfred stares. He thinks to him self, is that pony? he sees the blonde long hair that pony has and recognizes the clothing that pony always wears. Alfred runs over tot eh kid and once he got close enough to see the whole body. He knows that it is pony. “ What are you doing pony?” Alfred yells. Pony doesn't really answer. All he did was mumble. “ Are you alright? do you need me to get an ambulance?” Alfred ask with confusion. “ No, i'm alright.”